Fall n times and rise n+1 times

Failure is inevitable part of life. One can’t avoid the trap of being failure.

The question is how will you rise after each failure.

Your manger yells yet you for something what will you do ? You are walking on the road and some random person shouts at you; what would be your reaction.

There are two kinds of people,

First category of people think that they are always right. They never question themselves for any mistakes and easily blame others for all the faults. They will never learn from the mistakes and never improve their personalities.

Second category of people think they are always wrong. They’ll never argue with others for the mistake instead they’ll take everything on themselves and be quiet. They may learn from the mistakes but they never make an attempt to convince others.

Both of these extreme natures are not good. Both will not help you in the long run. The Ideal mix of both natures is what is actually needed to succeed.

You should always take a step back and introspect about the failures. Similarly you should remember that you not always wrong. This will help you to rise every time there’s a failure.