The Startup that provides AI powered Keyboards for India

Bobble AI is the Gurgaon based startup which has developed India’s first AI powered android keyboard and it the most engaged and highest rated Android keyboard in India.

It supports 30 languages including 22 official Indian languages.

Bobble’s technology will adjust the expression on every face to match the emotion of the sticker or GIF in real time. In addition, personalized content will be recommended to users based on the tone and tenor of the input text, through a self-learning algorithm.



Bobble makes use of a self-learning algorithm to create personalized content for its users. Bobble started off as a selfie-based sticker app as more features were added. It has a facial recognition feature, used to convert selfies into GIFs and stickers. Its other features included multilingual language support, glide typing, custom fonts, themes, voice typing and autocorrection. The application works in compatibility with platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp Messenger. Bobble’s features work in real-time with its ability to match facial expressions, head and facial tone with the sticker’s emotion, theme and body.

One-tap feature on WhatsApp

In January 2020, Bobble became the first Indic keyboard to integrate with WhatsApp and will now allow users to share any personalized stickers & emojis in just one tap.

The one-tap feature of the Bobble keyboard allows people to share stickers in a single step; it’s just one click and people can share stickers with their peers, family, and friends. Users can choose from the huge Bobble Sticker library and can add fun to their conversation. They can modify stickers in real-time such as – Accessories, expressions and text. Earlier while sharing stickers, it used to go in an image format. Now it goes in a WhatsApp native sticker format.

Collaboration with Indus OS

Indus OS has integrated Bobble’s SDK and will become its exclusive distribution partner in India. This will allow users to communicate via regional stickers for the first time. Bobble keyboard technology along with the Indus OS keyboard enables users to send Bobble content while chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Research states, next 300 million Indian smartphone users in the coming thee years will be regional language users only.

Integration with ABP Weddings

ABP Weddings – the matrimonial platform, has partnered with Bobble AI to target relevant audiences in real-time with suggestion prompts that help them navigate to the ABP Weddings registration page in just a single tap.

These prompts are designed and developed in English, Bengali, Marathi, Bengal-ish, and Marath-ish – the most popular and relatable language for the geographies in focus.

Stickers for #CoronaConversations

Bobble AI has released a set of stickers with a fundamental piece of information on ways to fight coronavirus to reach everyone which will allow users to not only take precautions themselves but also educate others.

The key guidelines of washing hands, stay home if you’re feeling sick, wear a mask, don’t shake hands and instead do “Namaste” are some of the key stickers that have been curated. The users can personalize the Bobble stickers to turn themselves into the change-maker avatar and engagingly share the message of wellness.

Xiomi’s Mint Keyboard

Xiomi has collaborated with Bobble AI to add cool features to it’s mint Keyboard. Mint Keyboard supports a total of 27 languages, including English, Hindi, Nepali, Urdu, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, and Punjabi. The app is just 14MB in size and can be installed on both Xiaomi and non-Xiaomi devices.

Mint Keyboard includes features like Swipe typing, speech-to-text, real-time emoji suggestion for indic Languages during chats, and support for different font styles. Additionally, the keyboard comes with artist-made stickers and GIF packs, keyboard themes, and more.


Bobble is empowering the Next Billion by making their communication personalized, expressive and smarter with its cutting-edge Artificial intelligence around input methods.