Augmented Reality in Online Shopping

I was intrigued by the technology developed by Indian startup StyleDotMe and wanted to explore more on the role played by Augmented Reality in Fashion Industry. This article is the collection of my notes on AR in online shopping.

Augmented Reality is the layering of Digital components onto our physical reality, often done through a viewing device such as a tablet. smartphone, or glasses.

Here’s the list of AR products developed by different brands to promote their products.

StyleDotMe’s Virtual MirrAR

In November 2017, the startup launched its cutting-edge AR product mirrAR 2017. The realtime product allows clients to provide access to a large inventory to its customers. This allows shoppers to try on jewellery on a digital platform, without having to actually wear these pieces.


Gucci’s Virtual Sneakers

The Italian luxury fashion brand has launched an iOS app that lets customers virtually “try on” its Ace sneakers collection with courtesy of augmented reality (AR).

Underlying the whole thing is tech supplied by Wannaby, a Belarus-based startup on a mission to build AR commerce experiences.

The iOS app enables customers to try on different pairs of sneakers from the 3D models available. A shopper can just choose a pair of kicks, point the camera at their feet, and see how the shoes look right away. The app tracks your feet’s movements, so you can walk around while trying on a pair — something shoppers commonly do in actual stores.

Dior’s RIMOWA Collection With Snapchat Filters

In celebration of its upcoming RIMOWA collaboration, Dior has teamed up with Snapchat to develop three unique filters that allow users to experience the new collection. Using Snapchat’s Face Lens, World Lens and Marker Tech, Dior has created a number of filters and 3D designs that bring the house’s aesthetic produced by Kim Jones into reality.

The Face Filter utilizes the Dior Oblique motif and overlays this pattern, alongside the brand’s moniker and a cloudy sky, on top of the users’ face.

Tenth Street Hats’ Virtual Try-On

The California-based designer hat brand offers an augmented reality option on their product pages. Shoppers can select items tagged “Virtual Try-On”, click the “Try it on in AR” button, and see how they look. According to the brand, engagement levels increased by 33% thanks to the augmented reality feature.

Sephora’s Virtual Artist

Meanwhile, beauty brand Sephora launched Sephora’s Virtual Artist in partnership with ModiFace. The app lets customers try on various makeup shades and combinations using their device’s front camera. The app’s face scan technology allows the user to see themselves wearing the cosmetics.

Burberry’s AR Shopping Tool

Burberry has launched a new Augmented Reality (AR) shopping tool through Google Search technology. The AR tool allows consumers to experience Burberry products embedded in the environment around them, enhancing their research and shopping experience online.

When searching for Burberry items using Google Search on their phone, consumers can see an AR version of the product at scale against other real-life objects. For example, a user can place a TB bag next to an existing outfit to gain a better understanding of the product before purchasing and simulating the in-store experience.