What I’m doing

Working from Home for more than 100 days. Stepping out for evening walks and to buy groceries only.

What I’m working on

Along with the office work, I spend time learning Natural Language Processing using Deep Learning. Please check out my NLP reading list for July 2020

100 Days of ML Code

I have completed 100 days of coding challenge. Learnt a lot from that exercise.

NLP Yelp Reviews

Recently completed a NLP project on Yelp Dataset. The Primary focus was to understand the reasons behind the ratings. This is basically NER (Named Entity Recognition) problem. I was able to identify distribution of topics for each of the yelp reviews. I was also able to use these topic models as features to another model which will predict the rating of the review.

Working out from Home šŸ’Ŗ

Ever since the lockdown, I’ve not been able to got to gym so currently I’m walking every evening and working-out at home itself. I’m currently spending at least 45 mins – 60 mins per day for this.

Book I’m Reading šŸ“š

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 and promoted as a personal development and self-improvement book. He claimed to be inspired by a suggestion from business magnate and later-philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. (from Wiki)

Last Updated : 1st July 2020