An Ola driver who knows everything about Super Cars

He is a 24 year old Ola driver in Bangalore. Even though his passion is Computer Science and Startups, financial problems and family responsibilities have forced him to take this job. He has stopped going to college after +12 (II PUC). However he aims to complete his degree some day.

I met him while I was travelling to office long before the Corona Virus pandemic. Usually whenever I’m travelling in cab I try to strike conversation with the drivers. Sometimes those conversations turn out to be interesting ones. Other times, drivers keep talking about their personal stuff and they never stop. So I gauge them in the beginning itself and proceed the conversation accordingly.

This guy – let me call him Mahesh – as I forgot to ask his name, was playing some Youtube videos in traffic jam and I just made an attempt to sneak into it. Surprisingly, he was NOT watching News channels or Movie songs.

I got curious. Usually drivers watch news on youtube while they are driving. Mahesh was the first one to watch something other than that.

I asked him, “what are you watching ?”

“Oh nothing really Sir; just review of a Super Car” he said without looking up. “Is it disturbing you, Sir ?. I can turn it off”

“No,” I told calmly. “This is the first time I’m seeing driver utilising internet for something different. So, I got curious”

Now he turned back with a broad smile on his face. He said, “What will you get just by watching News or Entertainment channels. It’s a total waste of time. I’m interested in Automobile Industry especially Super Cars. So, I want to utilise time effectively. Even If I watch one review per ride, I would have watched 10-12 reviews of new cars every day. “

“Wow such a profound thought !” I told myself.

I asked him what he wanted to become. He told he wants to make some money and buy some ‘XYZ’ car. To be honest, I had never heard of that car. I told him “It is a very nice car, and you’ll definitely buy it one day.”

“Thanks,” he said. It was a simple reply, but I could see a spark in his eye.

I asked him to tell more about Cars.

The next 30 minutes were completely owned by him. He spoke about how he developed his interests about Cars right from childhood and how he started observing them in movies. He initially thought all the cars were made in India but later realised that India doesn’t produce Super Cars. So, he started researching about Cars on different platforms like TV, Magazine, Internet etc. His main source, however back then was, Movies. Fast and Furious is his favourite movie and Paul Walker is his favourite actor. I never mind him pronouncing Walker as “Wall” – “Kar”. What’s interesting is his passion towards Cars.

Last 3-4 years have been fantastic in terms of research due to cheap Internet. He can now watch youtube videos whenever he wants. He perhaps knows all the high-end Cars available on planet. Thanks to Mobile Revolution in India.

He’s even interested in license to Import in India. For example, according to him only certain models of Mini Cooper are permitted in India.

He knows all the available show rooms for Lamborghini in Bangalore and all the Lamborghini models, along with colours that are running on the road, in Bangalore.

He knows about Engines of the different Cars and he can explain why Rolls Royce is special compared to other Cars. He also knows which celebrity owns what type of cars and when they bought it.

Conversation went on and on and I kept listening. Only thing that appeared to me in the end was that he’s a Thought Leader in Automobile Industry.

He also spoke about his startup Idea of catching car thieves using Technology. He said he was waiting for somebody to believe in his idea and invest money.

It was a 45 minutes of long conversation and my ‘stop’ unfortunately had arrived. I again asked him about his favourite Cars and he told two names which I clearly didn’t know. I wished him Good Luck.

Lesson I learnt

  1. Spend your time on things that are most important to you, than on what is socially accepted.
  2. Try to get deeper into one subject and become master of it.
  3. Every traffic jam can be a boon if you know how to utilise it.


If you want to talk to him, kindly drop me an email. I’ll connect you with him.