City-born or country-bred

I belong to ‘Country born and City bred’ category

There’s this argument on best place to live – Country-side or City ?

In India Country side is also referred as rural area or villages. People have different opinions based their experience of living.

Typical life in Villages

Villages are those where agriculture is still part of income. People spend enough time on it everyday and are dependent on it. Even though that is not primary source of income, people still spend lot of time around it.

People start their day very early, say 4-4:30. Almost every household would have cattle and day starts with feeding them and milking them.

Then they would prepare breakfast and have it before 6 o’clock.

Kids would wake up around same time and spend time reading or finishing homework. Kids would get ready on their own and go to school either by walk or by catching a public bus, which is heavily crowded.

Parents spend couple of hours in fields cutting grass, planting trees, plowing etc. They then would go to the job which is primary source of income.

There will be at least one person in house who will take care of house through-out the day. This includes feeding the cattle. This person is responsible for cooking and other agricultural activities.

The main person who goes to job will come back in the evening and spends some more time in the field.

Weekend’s are mostly dedicated to agricultural work if there are no functions to attend. During rainy seasons there won’t be any function and summers are full of functions.

Late evenings are spent watching TV. People sleep by 9 o’clock.

Typical life in Cities

City life is bit different compared to villages. They will spend most of the time on primary source of income. Both husband and wife will be working and kids will be going to school.

Day would start at around 6-7. Even though offices start late, parents would still have to get up early. If there’s maid, she will cook breakfast while parents get their kids ready for school, in hurry.

Kids will eat breakfast and are taken to school bus, which takes them to school everyday. Parents would have breakfast later. They get ready to office in hurry and leave home. People spend most of the valuable time on traffic and in office.

In the evening, kids return back home early and maid will take care of them. Parents reach home late and are dead tired. For the rest of the hours until everyone sleeps, TV will be on.

Kids get very less time everyday to interact with parents. After the dinner kids go to be early by 9-10 while parents go to bed a bit later.

Which lifestyle is better

Each feel that the other lifestyle is better.

People in village feel that City life style is better. There’s no need to work in hot sun, you’ll get luxury lifestyle, you could roam around in car, you can go out and eat nice food etc.

On the other hand, people who are used this routine feel that village life is the best. There’s no rush to everything, there’s peace, air is cleaner, if you plan well, money can be earned in agricultural also etc. In fact good number working people in city have plan to move to village after retirement.

What do I feel

I have seen and experienced both life styles through friends,parents and relatives.

  • Each lifestyle has its own advantages and disadvantages. No matter where you’re, you’ll always like something and miss out on something. Even if you’re living in one of the world’s best places, you still miss something. I have heard it from my own friends.
  • We have made it a habit to crave for something we don’t have rather than enjoying what we already have. Of course craving for new things is not bad, it might motivate you to become a better person. But, if it results in you being sad, then such cravings should be avoided.
  • In both lifestyles, there’s a rat race. People enjoying both lifestyles, make themselves to work hard to achieve some distant goal. Both want a better life and that’s why they work hard everyday. The only problem here is they both don’t have a clear definition of what is a ‘Better Life’. That’s why this is a rat race.
  • It’s your choice. Being born in either city or village is not a choice. But continuing to live there is your own choice. If you don’t like it change it. But if you are that kind of person who finds problem with everything, then no matter where you go, you’ll always be sad.