In and around Book Houses

Book houses or Book stores have been my favourite places since childhood. going through lots of books and wondering how much knowledge has been accumulated is one exercise which I never get bored of.

Before the Digital Era


Library is one place I always enjoyed going and I always had a good relationship with all the librarians.

There’s one library in my home town where I regularly visited. During vacations I always used to go there. That library had a good collection of books. I used to enjoy reading fictional books initially and slowly shifted to non-fictional books. I have read many biographies from there. Most favourite biography I read there was “The Road Ahead by Bill Gates”

While studying in Engineering & MBA, library used to be my favourite spot. It was filled with thousands of books, mostly textbooks. While entering the library you have to sign on the record book. As far as I remember I signed on it almost on all the days of 4 years of Engineering.

While studying in 11th & 12th Standard, there was a decent sized library with a collection of all types of books. In the morning, we had to write, in a small piece of paper, about the book we want to borrow. By noon, they would search and keep them ready.

We had to utilise library for text book references. Along with that we enjoyed reading newspapers especially “Cinema Section”. They also used to subscribe to National Geographic which was one of our favourite magazines.

Primary and High Schools had limited books and there was no dedicated library as such. Only once a year they used to distribute the books.

Along with libraries my parents used to buy books for me. I still have maintained all the kids magazines I have read in my childhood.

Sapna Book House

There was no Sapna book house in my native. But whenever we visited Bangalore my father always used to take me there. This was in late 1990s.

First time when I saw the book house, I was totally thrilled. “Books, books everywhere” I told myself.

Of course I was exited only for story books. I freely roamed around the entire store and finalised on 3-4 books. I was so happy that day.

There after, every time we visited Bangalore, I made it a habit to drag my father to Sapna Book House. I remember visiting at-lest 5-6 times in my childhood.

Post Digital Era

After I bought my first laptop, my booking habit gradually changed. I started spending most of the free time with my laptop. Initially it was Adobe Photoshop and later Windows movie maker and so on.

From 2006 to 2016 the number of books I read drastically reduced. I mostly read only text books because that was mandatory. Because of digital rush most of the free time was spent in watching video content than on reading. You could consume more content in less time. This way of consuming content was more enjoyable than anything else.

This continued for almost a decade.

After I shifted to Bangalore, this routine continued. After couple of years I started noticing the same pattern. Spending whole day in front of computer and coming back to home and repeating same thing again. I wanted to break this routine a bit at-least.

Back to Sapna Book House

I started searching for good books to read. After checking many reviews I decided to start with the book – Lean Startup by Eric Ries. I loved it. From there onwards I started reading books regularly.

Around same time, my room-mate recommended me a book called – Karvalo by Poorna Chandra Tejaswi. It was a Kannada novel and I enjoyed it too. With that book I re-started reading Kannada books after many years.

For last four years, I have regularly visited Sapna Book House. I think I’ve visited almost all the stores in Bangalore. Almost half of the books in my book shelf are purchased from Sapna Book itself.