My journey with my phones

In last 13 years I have had 5 phones, including the current smartphone. That means on an average, each phone has spent 3 years with me. This post is about different phones I had and my relationship with them.

nokia 1600

This is the first phone I bought. This was in 2007 after the final exam of 12th standard.

I was so exited with the purchase. There was a gap of few days, until I joined Engineering and I had mostly spent time with it.

Changing ring tone and calling from another phone was a daily routine. It had a best feature in it. You could set a time for sending SMS and it would automatically send the SMS. For example on the night of your friends B’day, you didn’t have to stay awake till 12 o’clock; instead you could set up a timer and mobile would take care of sending SMS promptly.

This feature was a life saver. There was no forgetting of b’day wishes.

Sometimes friends would get surprised and they would message back asking- “are you still awake ?”.

They wouldn’t get any reply soon. Next day morning they would get a “Good Morning” message.

With that mobile new habit had started. Checking mobile every now and then for new SMS. I had disabled notification (a sound alert) for SMS. This was a irritating new habit but couldn’t do anything about it.

While reading I made sure that I always kept mobile far form the reach.I maintained that for entire four years of Engineering. I never used mobile phone while reading.

Nokia 5310

Well, it was not 5310, but similar to that. I don’t remember the exact model number.

By then, everybody had so-called smartphone. I didn’t want to stay behind.

This new phone was a magic device. I could connect to internet and browse stuff.(Steve Jobs called it ‘baby internet’ while launching iPhone same year ).

This phone had bluetooth connectivity which means you could exchange photos and movies with friends. It had memory card for storing your favourite movies and songs. It had a camera to capture photo and video. It had voice recognition inbuilt (something like Alexa or Siri). You could say – ‘Call mom’ and it would actually call mom. Voice recognition is buzzword in recent years but Nokia had already built everything into it.

You could plug in the earphones and listen to music while travelling. It was a giant leap from Nokia 1600. If you’re reading it in 2020 it might feel so silly but, in 2007-08 this was magical.

iPhone 4 📱

By 2010-11, smartphones with touch capability had slowly started capturing the market, thanks to iPhone revolution by Apple. Even though Nokia’s phones were good, they had so many draw backs. There was no app store. They didn’t have touch screen capability. More than everything, bottom 40 was the biggest space consumer( Steve Jobs referred plastic keys on smartphones as bottom 40).

I was so exited after buying iPhone. It was a perfect smartphone without any drawbacks. Loading all kinds of apps from app store was a fun exercise. Camera quality was way better than the previous phone. Flaunting the iPhone, wherever I went, became the new bad habit. Unnecessarily taking out the phone from the pocket and charging it in a place where more people wandered, was a must thing to do. I feel like laughing at it now. 😂

I feel, iPhone deserves the publicity it receives because the actual smartphone revolution begin with the launch of iPhone in 2007.

Redmi Note 3 & Vivo V9

By 2014-15, my iPhone started slowing down a bit. It didn’t support 360 degree photos which had started to become popular. Importantly, iPhone screen size started appearing small with the advent of new cheap smartphones. I decided to shift to android device. I bought Redmi Note 3.

I was not exited like before. All the first three phones had sparkled some joy in my mind. But this time it is was just another smartphone.

In 2018, I bought vivo v9. This too was just another android device.

That’s it

So, this is my journey with different phones. Since the first phone, the habit of checking for messages every now and then has never changed. Usage has never dropped.

Was I happy before the Phones ? Yes. Am I happy after smartphone has become part of life ? Yes