Sleep v/s Work From Home – The Lockdown Effect

The lockdown and continuous Work From Home(WFH) have significantly affected our sleeping cycles. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to have shared the same opinion. The main problem is unable to sleep and get up at the same time.

The main reason for this could be the uninterrupted staring of Computer screens. During office hours there used to be breaks in between where people would get up from their seats few times a day. People would go to washrooms. People would walk to meeting rooms atleast 2-3 times a day. Then there used to be Breakfast, Lunch and Evening breaks. During all these times there was a chance to stare away from computers and digital screens.

During work from Home, screen-time has definitely increased. People won’t take as many breaks as before because there’s no one to remind you to take breaks. Meetings happen just in-front of your computer, no walking needed. Eatings happen in front of your computer, thanks to packed meeting schedules.

Second reason is you tend to work for more hours compared to office hours due to flexibility. People would attend meetings whole day and there is less time for productive work. Hence they have to stretch beyond the office hours to do the actual work.

Third reason is the change in the food habits. Change in food habits has caused some physical uncomfortness which could have some impact on sleeping. Stomach ache problems have increased during this time. One of the most searched keywords during recent times, apart from coronavirus is – Constipation.

Sleep is very essential and it has many benefits. This has been proven scientifically and is well narrated in the book – “Why we sleep” by Mat Walker. If you’re one who thinks sleep is just a waste of time, you’re wrong. To know the actual benefits of sleep I highly recommend you read that book yourself.

Here’s what you can do

  1. Set an alarm for sleeping. Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. We all keep alarm for waking up but going to bed at same time is very important to get good sleep.
  2. Avoid staring at digital devices before the sleep. Good practice would be to stop watching mobile for at-least one hour before the sleep.
  3. If you have trouble sleeping without watching smartphones then try cultivating habit of reading few pages from your favourite book or listen to an audio book before the sleep. Practice it everyday and once you make a habit, it will be easy.
  4. Take bath before the sleep. Taking bath will help reduce the body temperature and hence it will induce the sleep.
  5. Go for a evening walk. This has many advantages,
  • It will be a break from your long Work From Home routine
  • Your body will get some physical exercise which will help you to get good sleep
  • You’ll get some time to talk to yourself, while walking.
  • You will get to breath some fresh air. Thanks to Covid, air has become better everywhere.
  • If you can go for a walk without smartphone in hand, then your eyes will get additional minutes of “no screen-time” and they will thank you for that.

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