Top NLP based Voice Tech startups

Voice tech is another application of Natural Language Processing and voice seems to be getting adopted quicker than any other major technology. Led by Amazon’s Alexa, smart speakers’ install base is expected to reach 200 million units worldwide by 2020.

I have compiled a list of voice tech startups which are innovative in nature and are already in the market. This list is a starting point and probably far from exhaustive and is not sorted in any order. I will come up with another post with more startups added, in future.

1. SoundHound

SoundHound develops voice-enabled AI and conversational intelligence technologies. It provides Speech-to-Meaning engine and Deep Meaning Understanding technology that can be built in other services and devices. It also develops app for music recognition and voice assistant for search.

2. Observe ai

Observe ai is an AI-powered agent enablement platform for voice customer service. Observe ai is leveraging the latest speech and natural language processing technologies to enable organisations quickly analyse voice calls with 100 per cent accuracy. Once calls are transcribed, the transcription, along with audio analysis and metadata are processed through deep learning in which keywords, sentiment analysis, silence and pause analysis, and metrics are extracted. With the help of Observe ai, support teams improve call quality, monitor compliance, and coach agents.

3. Tact ai

Tact ai develops first omnichannel AI-powered digital assistant for sales teams.

4. VoiceBox Technologies

Voicebox Technologies is a leader in conversational AI development, giving you everything you need to build secure ASR, NLU, and TTS apps.

5. BBC’s Beeb

A voice assistant designed to provide a variety of new services and easier access to the organization’s massive content catalog and digital programming. Beeb is only available today in a beta release which is limited to UK users that are members of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Programme.

A core feature is easy access to radio, podcasts, and other audio programming via voice request. Another is BBC programme information. Users can ask about specific shows, on-air talent, and when new shows will air or be available.

6. Invoca

Invoca provides complete call intelligence for business.

7. Ross Intelligence

ROSS Intelligence builds artificially intelligent tools to enhance lawyer’s abilities. With cutting edge NLP technology, Ross will let you pose your research questions like you’re talking to another lawyer.

8. Speechly

Speechly lets you build real-time multi-modal interfaces for complex voice-enabled tasks through Speech-to-intent spoken language understanding API.

9. Botonic io

Botanic is a product and services company specializing in conversational interfaces and avatars. They create conversational personalities who act as an interface. It is specialized in human-centered, multimodal conversational interfaces.


Voice tech is here to stay. You would be probably using voice technology in your smartphone or tools like Alexa, Google Home already. Let me know which is your favourite !

For more such technologies, refer this post which has a huge list of voice tech startups grouped into different categories.